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 Photos courtesy Sean Tubbs

You Are America (And So Did I!) opened at Gallery 27 in downtown Santa Barbara on September 25th, 2013.
The opening was epic with over 300 friends and art lovers in attendance.

The event was catered by Georgia’s Smokehouse with live music performed by Dave Thomason and friends. Combined with ample beer, art and friends, it made for an amazing evening.

Thank you to the Gallery 27 crew – Jesse Groves, Kayla Pence and Hugo Martinez for the days of hard work put in to art direction, framing and mounting the show.
Color Services, Jeff Hatfield and Greg Diamond: you guys made beautiful prints, thanks for making my work look so great!
Also to all my amazing friends for believing in me and celebrating my Americanization, so epic that folks drove and flew into town for the show – thank you!
And finally, thanks to my sweet Kim and the kids for all your support and love!